Eco-Friendly Villa in Langosta Costa Rica

There is a delightful, eco-friendly villa in Costa Rica that is very popular for destination weddings, family reunions and group vacations. That villa is Casa de Luz, an 8-bedroom villa that is living one with the environment on the beach in Langosta.

Eco-Friendly Villa

When you travel to Costa Rica to explore protected habitats and to enjoy the rainforests, of course you want to stay in an eco-friendly villa. Casa de Luz does many things to help protect the environment.

Casa de Luz generates much of their own electricity via solar panels that are installed on the roof of the villa. Depending on how many people are in the villa, the power generated can be everything that is used by the villa or a large portion. The villa took on the expense of installing solar panels, not to save a little money, but because this is a villa that cares about the environment.

This villa borders on a protected sea turtle sanctuary and these turtles have some environmental needs. Lighting, for instance, needs to be a low level light in order to keep the sea turtles on their path to the ocean. Regular artificial lighting will attract the baby turtles and they’ll go toward the light and not the ocean. Casa de Luz has installed special lighting so not to pollute the turtle’s first trip to the ocean.

There are many other ways Casa de Luz works with the environment. We use a double septic system to make sure all waste is properly handled before its entry into the ocean. We use environmentally friendly household cleaning supplies and other items to keep those septic systems in great shape in order to do a sufficient job with the waste water.

Casa de Luz

Give us a call when you need an eco-friendly place to stay in Costa Rica. We’ll be happy to show you how we work with the environment.