Best Beaches in Costa Rica for Leatherback Turtle Spotting

Leatherback turtle spotting is happening on one of the best beaches in Costa Rica from October to May. But, it isn’t just any beach. These particular turtles like to return to only one of the many gorgeous beaches of Costa Rica.

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Most of Costa Rica is a tropical jungle where residents and tourists live side by side with the wildlife. Of course, you are not very likely to see a sea turtle or iguana strolling through a major city, but for the smaller towns near the best beaches in Costa Rica, wildlife is just another resident.

When it comes to watching the famous leatherback turtles lay their eggs on the beach, the turtles consider Playa Grande to be the best beach in Costa Rica. The tours to see these protected animals happen during their egg season between October and May. The creatures are quite a sight and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. They are sea turtles, spending most of their time out in the open ocean looking for food and hanging out with family and friends.

If seeing the leatherback turtles on their annual trek to the beach to lay their eggs is something on your bucket list then you and your friends should book Casa de Luz luxury villa for your stay. This villa is in a prime location, just 3’ from the edge of the of the Casa de Luz Infinity Pool. While you’re not likely to see the turtles lay their eggs out of the back door to the villa’s private beach, you will be very close and who knows what could happen?

Group Booking Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz can handle group bookings of up to 24 people. It sits right on one of the best beaches of Costa Rica that just happens to be right on the edge of the famous Marino Las Baulas National Park.

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