Beach Villa Rental Amenities

Casa de Luz is a beach villa rental that offers nearly every amenity you could desire for the vacation of your life in paradise – or a wedding no guest will ever forget. Our Event Facilities and Bedrooms pages describe our living spaces and guest amenities, but a lot more nitty-gritty detail goes into ensuring your experience is spectacular. A complete “users manual” for Luz is provided to guests at time of booking, and some things you may like to know up-front include:

Access Control: The estate is walled on three sides with pedestrian and vehicle gates at the street, and the beach side is also accessed via gate. All gates automatically lock, with access to the property via numerical keypad – each guest party is provided a unique access code that only functions during the time of their stay. There is an intercom for the pedestrian gate by the kitchen, which can unlatch the gate. The vehicle gate operates using a remote in an adjacent cabinet.

Security: Casa de Luz is protected by a state-of-the-art intrusion alarm with 24/7/365 monitoring and armed response. The alarm is programmed to operate simply and conveniently for casual guest use. The estate is also very well positioned to support groups requiring higher levels of security, such as celebreties and state visits (the Costa Rican president attended an event here). Contact us for full security information if needed.

Parking: We offer gated courtyard parking for multiple vehicles, and a 2 car attached garage. The garage and gate are remote-controlled.

Power: You can plug in US appliances without adaptors. Our power is conditioned against spikes at the estate level, and surge protectors are located throughout the property, including USB charging outlets in most rooms. In the rare event of power failure, a propane-powered generator will automatically come online without disrupting your fun.

Water: Unlike much of the world, you can drink the tap water in Tamarindo. The estate provides additional water filtration, and we maintain two large back-up water tanks to avoid disrupting your visit even if a municipal water interruption occurs.

Sewer: Maybe in Miami, but like most beach properties in most countries, we’re on septic here! It works great on organics, but doesn’t like other objects or chemicals. So, except for toilet paper and what went through you, don’t flush it – we provide disposal bags for other things. Please use natural/biodegradable soaps, shampoos, and hair rinses – we provide them. Use only reef-safe sun protection products, and skip the chemical cosmetics – you look good here without them anyway. Please put as little as possible down the garbage disposal since excessive food wastes can clog pipes – or better yet, let our housekeeper handle the dishes! Being good to septic is good for your stay and good for our planet. Thank you!

Internet: Tech is hard in the tropics, so Luz provides reliable high-speed Internet using both fiber-optic and cable service providers for redundancy. These are merged in a dual-WAN router serving five high-speed mesh wifi wireless access points around the estate, with battery backups. You can access our wifi from the street entry to the hammocks on the beach. But – don’t work too much!

Phone: There is a landline phone in the kitchen, and a guest cell phone that you can use while touring or out on the town – it provides handy apps like GPS, Siri, and Google Translate, and can connect to the stereo to play your favorite music service. The landline number is +506 2653-1361 and the cell is +506 8530-4452. You may need to add a few dollars of credit to the cell phone SIM at a nearby convenience store. Please don’t forget to leave the cell when you check out.

Cable TV: We offer cable TV with a good list of stations. The TV in the upstairs Transformer room is quite large, Internet-connected, and easy to connect to your personal device. There are also TVs in all the bedrooms. But we doubt you’ll want to watch any once you see what’s out the windows!

Air Conditioning: Each room has its own AC, so even if one breaks, it is impossible for the entire house to lose AC. They all have remotes. Please leave ACs off when you are away from the house or enjoying the breezes we often get – electric costs are brutal in Costa Rica, and even renewable energy hurts our planet somewhere.

Laundry: Luz offers Costa Rica’s first ozone laundry system! Injecting ozone into the wash water sanitizes far better than bleach, uses far less laundry soap, and leaves sheets and towels soft without fabric softener that can irritate your skin.  Our wonderful housekeeper is happy to do your personal laundry, so don’t hesitate to ask or just leave it in the bins in each closet. We have an onsite washer & dryer, with local back-ups. If additional capacity is needed for an event, our concierge can help.

Pool Toys:Enough boring stuff; it’s pool time! The pool house in our beach villa rental has an outside closet that usually contains a few floats and pool toys. At low tides, the huge tide pools in front of us are amazing to explore on foot, floating, or swimming. At higher tides, you can often swim at the sand beach ~100 meters north at the point. Beware of big waves, rip tides, and rocks!