Costa Rica Rentals for Beach Vacations

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Shopping for Costa Rica rentals from the USA can be troublesome. Most business owners, whether in an industry that is tourism related or not, work on Tico time. While you’re struggling to get that tropical vacation on the calendar, you keep clicking the email inbox button hoping their reply is finally here. Casa de Luz can make things easier for you.

Costa Rica Rentals

Casa de Luz is a luxury beach villa that sits on its own private section of the sandy beach on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. This villa can accommodate up to 24 guests comfortably. There is no need to book many hotel rooms or small homes to have a place to stay for everyone in your group. Everyone can sleep and eat under one beautiful, ocean front roof. Casa de Luz is one of the premiere Costa Rica rentals on the Pacific side of the country.

Casa de Luz is in Playa Langosta, which is just a five minute walk up the beach to Tamarindo, the hot spot in Guanacasta Province. One of the many reasons this area of Costa Rica is so popular is the weather. This is a dry tropical forest. While it does rain sometimes, the rainy season isn’t as wet as other parts of the country. This makes Playa Langosta a wonderful and easy place to visit any time of the year.

Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz is easy to reach by air. When you land in San Jose, Costa Rica, the country’s capital, visit the city and stay the night to rest up. In the morning take the short flight to Liberia. From there it is an easy drive to Casa de Luz. Give us a call to reserve your vacation and line up a driver for airport pick-up.