Best Destination Weddings with Group Bookings

Your destination wedding can take place any place that you want, but the best destination weddings happen in Costa Rica. This is one of the most popular spots for a vacation type of wedding. This is why this tropical country is such a great spot.

Best Destination Weddings are in Costa Rica

Always popular, Costa Rica is the country that is known for the best destination weddings. Aside from this country being a tropical paradise, the price can’t be beat for a modern country. With a little know-how, you should be able to plan your wedding, a luxury villa stay for 12 couples and reception for under $150 per person.

The luxury villa near Tamarindo Beach that books destination weddings is named Casa de Luz. It is here you can have a huge luxury villa right on the beach. Your wedding can take place on a private section of the beach or in the romantic jungle clearing on the side of the villa.

Casa de Luz sleeps up to 24 people. So, your wedding ceremony, reception and extended stay can all happen in just one luxurious location. Enjoy your first few days of married life eating your meals prepared by a private chef in the company of your best friends. Take group tours into the jungle to spot the wildlife or zipline, take fishing tours and explore the local life in Tamarindo. By group booking Casa de Luz, you and your guests will save a fortune on hotels, the wedding ceremony and the reception costs.

Booking the spot that is considered the best destination weddings location will save you a fortune, but you’ll be living in a luxury beach villa with a staff and a private beach. You will have a far better experience than others who use the traditional hotel/reception hall package. Plus, you won’t need a wedding planner. The staff and Casa de Luz will help you along with all the details of getting married in Costa Rica. Give us a call today to get started.